Elene L. Johas Teener, LCSW

healing and wholeness through compassion, science and effective therapies

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Santa Cruz, CA. I have been a Certified EFT therapist for over seven years. My psychotherapy practice over the last 30 years has included adults, couples, families, groups, and parental consultations.

I have completed all training levels of postgraduate training and have extensive experience in EMDR, Internal Family Systems, TRIP and am using the extremely effective, research validated Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. I also use treatment modalities such as hypnosis, gestalt, bioenergetics and mindfulness meditation.

I have worked in many aspects of mental health: running several non-profits, the Santa Cruz Family Services Agency, the Suicide Prevention Center, as well as the Mendocino County and Placer County mental health extended care programs.

My areas of special interest include working with adults with histories of neglect, trauma, and abuse. I work with couples and family to create secure and satisfying relationships. I help couples stop negative cycles, rebuild trust and closeness, and understand how to apply the science of love.
We have extensive experience in a variety of therapy modalities. The Hold Me Tight weekend brought structure, clarity and change in new and powerful ways. This was a truly life changing event.
I am super lit up by EFT! It is a step-by-step and research-based therapy for couples that really supports building skills and the ability to really drop into the deep and vulnerable places that facilitate lasting intimacy.
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This EFT workshop really helped me identify my feelings and get better at expressing myself to my partner. It helped us recognize when we spin out of control and to take a step back and slow down. It is a brand-new start for us on learning security and bonding. I truly believe it could benefit any couple at any age. Just do it!
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