Trauma Regulation Integration Process

A newly developed integrative approach combines several modalities to better work with trauma and distress. This new tool was conceived by Monique Hoving-Smeets, a therapist in Canada’s Vancouver Island. I have had the good fortune to train and work with her over the last year. She integrates many of the therapies I have outlined previously and a new approach to me, OEI (one eye movement therapy) - a technique that originated and is researched on mainland Vancouver. I have often combined the skills and knowledge I have, using appropriate modalities when called for. These modalities combined with the single eye integration is a new tool with great promise to even more succinctly effect real change. Several clients have indicated the gentle yet powerful change they have experienced in even a few short sessions. I am quite interested in combining TRIP with EFT for couples that come in with CPTSD.

The essential elements of this model are to notice, utilize and process how each part of the brain are representative or connected to different areas in our eye. Further, how trauma embodied and held in the psyche, emotions, intellect and brain show up in places in our eyes and can be understood and alleviated using this model. TRIP is informed by IFS, OEI, EFT, Body oriented therapy, and attachment theory. It is, however, a unique application with several steps that create safety, and empowerment for clients.